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Business Overview

Nalubale’s specialty is in the sourcing of innovative solutions, Marketing and supply of Crop care products, Animal Health products and Public Health products worldwide. Since its inception, Nalubale has evolved and widened its operations, leading to the opening of Global marketing channels into several other countries.

This resulted into the birth of several other primary companies with operating centers in different countries. With a team of more than 50 professionals, well experienced and a Strong global marketing team which is dully vast with global distribution & marketing networks.

At Nalubale, We Believe In Providing

Research & Development Capabilities

Research & Development Capabilities

We conduct laboratory research and analysis that matches global requirements which we execute through toll
Product Registration

Product Registration

We support our customers with product registration.
Technical Responsibilities

Technical Responsibilities

We maintain a ready to act, well equipped and professional crop Care , Animals & public health advisory team to help Customers with technical advise.
Marketing and Logistics

Marketing and Logistics

Nalubale supports our customers with after sales services. An international 24 hour call-to reach services dedicated to our customers to best recieve their diverse needs and how best to help them in their marketing efforts. We provide marketing supporting materials in form of company - branded promotional items.
Social Responsibilities

Social Responsibilities

With a solid philanthropist programs that reaches out to Charity Organisations for a better living.
Development Capabilities

Development Capabilities

A proffesional, well experienced and a Strong global marketing team which is dully vast with global distribution and
marketing network.
Corporate Responsibilities

Corporate Responsibilities

We contribute to global food security and create several employment opportunities. We support the world’s Agricultural advancement and safety by promoting technological advancement. Environmental protection as per UNEP.


South B Estate,
Kampala Industrial & Business Park
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